Review: What our carsharers say about new Renault Arkana? A stylish journey to the future of mobility

Six months ago, we introduced ten Renault Arkana cars to the Autonapůl fleet and hundreds of people have driven them. The cars have added a new body type to the fleet, we've gone for (mostly) hybrids and although they are in the second cheapest category, the equipment is very premium. And as the feedback from our carsharers shows, they're noticing other positives too.

"The automatic transmission and adaptive cruise control are what I've been calling for and the biggest advantage of the new cars," Tomáš told us how pleasantly surprised he was by the drive in Arkana. He found the engagement of the electric motor and the whole hybrid drive system to be sufficiently powerful and unobtrusive. He had expected a slightly larger trunk, but he and his family were able to fit in the car even when travelling with a stroller.

How are the Arkanas doing at Autonapůl?

Bilanci jsme již psali před třemi měsíci a nyní máme k dispozici další data.

Total Arkanas mileage in six months: 87803,7 km

Average mileage per car: 8780,37 km

Alaska from Brno becomes the six months record holder: 17040 km

Renault Alaska Autonapul
Arkana Alaska Autonapůl

Renault Arkana: a pleasant driving experience

Other user reviews also suggest that choosing the stylish Renault Arkana crossover was a step in the right direction for Autonapůl.

Michal, for example, appreciates the fact that the Arkana is unexpectedly comfortable for a family of four. Thanks to the car's slightly raised structure, he can easily get child seats into the car. "Of course, it's not a station wagon that I can stack up to the ceiling for a fortnight-long family roadtrip, but the ample equipment makes up for it nicely on some of our journeys," he says of his impressions.

"I had the Arkana E-Tech on hire on Saturday and it's a very nice car, a really great choice."

Carsharer Martin

Automatic transmission, adaptive cruise control and parking cameras are generally some of the Arkana's most appreciated features. As well as comfort, they also help to ensure safe driving.

Matěj has minor complaints, although overall he is satisfied with Arkana:

"Thanks to Autonapůl, I was able to drive the new hybrid Arkana and try out another brand's approach to hybrid powertrains - compared to Honda and Toyota, I have to appreciate the refinement and quietness here, the car doesn't push the engine to too high revs unnecessarily, and overall the car is well soundproofed and comfortable. A minor minus for me is the large displays and controls and infotainment, which distracts from the journey, but this is compensated for by things like the radio and music controls under the steering wheel and voice control. Definitely don't be afraid to try it out on longer journeys, you'll be pleasantly surprised."

Arkana Roz Autonapůl
Arkana Roz Autonapůl

Safety, stability and comfort

Josef also mentions a few centimetres higher sitting position behind the wheel. It is more comfortable for him and he is by no means the only one among drivers. He also mentions modern technology to help keep a safe distance or adjustable interior lighting, which makes driving more enjoyable, especially on longer journeys. A driving workstation and assistance system responses tailored precisely to individual needs also prevent fatigue, possible loss of attention and stress-free unexpected feedback to the steering.

But it's best if you read the whole text:

"Of the assistants I allowed myself to leave the blind spot monitoring on. It is indicated 'non-invasively', just by a distinctive light in the side mirror, so no distracting beeps or vibrations. It's a very nice feature, especially on the motorway where you can manoeuvre quite quickly without lengthy scrutiny of adjacent lanes. So again, I perceive safety at a higher level.

At the same time, I left the safe distance indicator on the lovely instrument display, where I appreciate the Renault Arkana's options for adjusting appearance, colours, navigation, driving status and so on. Again, I appreciate the very good safety feature, which just visually indicates a possible risk at less than safe distances, but without direct steering intervention.

I had a lot of fun adjusting the lighting on the lower dash and front door trims. In twilight or at night, the appropriate intensity of this lighting makes for a completely luxurious atmosphere. I was absolutely gushing over the pleasant ride with this lighting, which is not at all distracting at lower intensities."

We'll just add that lane departure warning also works in three different settings, and like other assistants, you can turn it off.

Comfort and fun

Stejné bezpečnostní prvky jako Josef zmiňuje i náš sdílník Jiří a pozitivně hodnotí dobrou stabilitu na různých površích. To vše, podle něj, činí z Renaultu Arkana ideálního společníka pro každodenní cesty.

The same safety features as Josef are also mentioned by our sharer Jiří and he positively evaluates the good stability on various surfaces. All this, according to him, makes the Renault Arkana an ideal companion for everyday journeys.

"I'm happy with it too 😍 I appreciate the comfort, the heated steering wheel and the quality music. The high seating position is also comfortable and it parks perfectly."

Carsharer Eva

One of the very critical carsharers, and at the same time colleagues, is Vratislav. He usually doesn't leave a dry thread on cars. But with the Arkana, despite his initial doubts, he is OK.

"I was really pleasantly surprised by the Arkana equipment and almost overwhelmed by the space behind the wheel. I'm of a slightly bulkier build and therefore often used the 'concern' cars where I was sure I could fit comfortably. In fact, I didn't sit in almost anything else. But since the first time I drove the Arcana, I always look for it first. Aside from the space and its customisation, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound system. I'm a stickler for this stuff, and I've literally suffered with some Octavos for example, but listening in the Arkana is great and really makes traveling a lot more enjoyable. Thanks to the easy pairing with the phone, it's a piece of cake," says probably the most critical member of our Autonapůl team.

Renault Arkana recenze
Renault Arkana PriaAutonapůl

You benefit from all car sizes without the usual worries

Carsharing is a revolutionary way of perceiving car ownership. Within Autonapůl, a fleet of vehicles is available anytime via a mobile app (Android / iOS). Users can select a car to suit their needs and book it instantly.

This eliminates the need for many people to own a car, which not only saves money but also reduces the environmental impact. It doesn't even deal with servicing, insurance or vehicle maintenance - everything is arranged as part of the service, allowing people to use their time more efficiently or more enjoyably.

The price of fuel is another concern that is eliminated with Autonapůl. Users can concentrate fully on their driving and enjoy the comfort of their chosen car. They don't have to worry about the worries that are usually associated with car ownership.

Renault Arkana Autonapul
Arkana Ringo Autonapůl

Review conclusion: the Renault Arkana in conjunction with Autonapůl is the way to the future of mobility

Renault Arkana si získává uživatele nejen díky komfortu a moderním technologiím, ale i díky flexibilitě a ekologickým výhodám carsharingové služby. Kombinace inovativního vozu a moderního způsobu využívání automobilů nabízí uživatelům příjemný zážitek z jízdy spojený s odpovědným přístupem k životnímu prostředí. Renault Arkana a carsharing Autonapůl společně otevírají dveře do budoucnosti mobility.

The Renault Arkana wins by users not only thanks to its comfort and modern technology, but also thanks to the flexibility and environmental benefits of the carsharing service. The combination of an innovative car and a modern way of using cars offers users a pleasant driving experience combined with an environmentally responsible attitude. Together, Renault Arkana and carsharing Autonapůl open the door to the future of mobility.


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