New PBX for Autonapůl helpline

We have decided to give the Autonapůl helpline a new facelift and we set up a new automat these days that should make it easier to process all requests for us and users as well.

Balance of 2021 for Autonapůl

The year 2021 marked a revival in perhaps all areas of society, and Autonapůl carsharers started to drive more again after a somewhat subdued pandemic year in 2020. For example, Brno's cars continue to grow the number of kilometers driven and more cars in the Comfort category are being used.

Tips for a safe winter behind the wheel

Winter is a challenge for many drivers. There is no need to worry about anything, just pay attention to a few things. If you can, try to drive your car in an empty snowy parking lot and find out how it behaves, how the surface under the wheels feels differently and the reactions of the pedals.


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