Handy size great for parking, comfortable chassis, manual or automatic transmission, nimble and powerful engine, automatic climate control, cruise control, parking sensors and camera, touchscreen radio with USB-A and Android Auto/Apple Carplay.


The Renault Clio is a small but stylish car. It can now be found in the Autonapůl fleet in two "greener" versions: as an automatic with a hybrid drive combining an internal combustion engine with an electric motor (no mains charging!) or with a cleaner LPG engine and a manual six-speed gearbox. Equipment always includes cruise control, phone mirroring, parking cameras and sensors, heated seats with steering wheel and a powerful hybrid electric-assist or LPG engine for even more considerate operation. The hybrid in particular can run up to 80% of the time in town purely on electricity, which it generates itself and you don't need to recharge it in any way.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.6 hybrid HEV automatic 105kW/143 bhp or 1.0 Turbo 74kW/100 bhp LPG
  • Transmission: Hybrid automatic / LPG manual six-speed
  • Trunk volume: 243-301 litres (hybrid HEV) or 318 litres (LPG)
  • Colour: orange/red


All Clio's have cruise control, phone mirroring, rear camera and parking sensors, heated seats and steering wheel, some also have induction phone chargers.

Basic equipment: air conditioning, powerful LPG engine for the size of the car (manual transmission) or full hybrid (automatic, no mains charging!), touchscreen radio with USB-A slots, Android Auto/ Apple Carplay, cruise control, 3x ISOFIX, front and rear parking sensors with camera.