Renting a car abroad can be a pleasant experience: try your journey with carsharing Autonapůl

Renting a car Autonapul
Travel without worries and commitments. Carsharing gives you the freedom to go wherever you want.

Travelling abroad can be an exciting adventure full of new experiences. Renting a car doesn't have to be an obstacle. Whether you're planning a road trip through picturesque European cities or a leisurely stay on the Croatian coast, a reliable car is a key element of your trip. Carsharing Autonapůl brings a convenient way to rent a car for your journey abroad, guaranteeing a hassle-free experience that allows you to fully focus on exploring new destinations.

Autonapůl - more than just car rental

Autonapůl is no ordinary car rental company. It is a car sharing service that offers its users flexibility and convenience, even when travelling abroad. You can book a car at any time, for an hour, a week or a month. Pick it up at the location of your choice, when you need it - with the app on your phone (Android / iOS), self-service and any time of the day or night. Choose from small cars, station wagons, modern crossovers and nine-seater vans.

Renting a car abroad, go to Ireland or where you want
The westernmost tip of Ireland. Car sharing can get you there too.

Calculate your travel costs in advance using the online calculator

Do you want to have a full overview of the cost of your trip? Autonapůl offers an online calculator that allows you to easily calculate your estimated costs before you leave. So you can plan your trip with peace of mind, knowing all the financial aspects in advance.

Fuel included in the price - no hidden costs

One of the key benefits of renting a car from Autonapůl is that the rental price includes fuel. So you don't have to worry about where to fill up cheapest. No worries about recalculating fuel costs. Simply hop in the car and you're on your way. That's exactly the peace of mind travellers need.

If you pay for the fuel out of your own pocket, we will take this into account in the invoice.

CCS card to pay a fuel
CCS cards are available in the cars. If you pay for fuel from your own money, we will take this into account in the invoice.

No need to report foreign travel - freedom on your journeys

With Autonapůl, you don't have to report every step of your journey or your intention to travel outside the Czech Republic. You have absolute freedom of movement and do not have to worry about complicated bureaucratic procedures. With us you can discover new places and routes without any restrictions.

Pujceni auta do zahranici
1 112 226 km - that's how many kilometres the Autonapůl fleet (80 cars on average, depending on the season) covered in 2023.

No additional driver fees - shared driving pleasure

If you're travelling with friends or family, you won't have to pay unnecessarily for another driver. Autonapůl allows you to share the joy of driving with whoever is part of your travel group. This means more time together and less worry about organisation.

Filzmoos Austria - traveling abroad with Autonapul
To the sea or the mountains, or just to explore the cities and admire the sights.

Foreign vignettes

When you rent a car for your journey abroad with Autonapůl, you don't have to worry about acquiring vignettes. We have already equipped selected cars with them, which will save you not only money, but also time with arranging.

Information on which car has a Slovak or Austrian vignette, or the Ecoplacket for entering German cities, can be filtered in the PC version of the booking application. Alternatively, contact us and we can consider acquiring more.

Easy online registration - no lost time and no commitment

Registering with Autonapůl is easy, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

A simple online process allows you to become a car sharer of dozens of vehicles in 8 cities in the Czech Republic within minutes. You will then have more time to choose the right car and plan your trip abroad. You can book your car now and modify your booking at any time free of charge.

Renting a car abroad can be a joy
Renting a car for your journey abroad can be a joy, just go with Autonapůl. 💚

Comfortable journey with Autonapůl

Renting a car abroad should be simple and hassle-free, and with Autonapůl it's possible. Reliable cars, worry-free travel, no hidden costs and flexibility - it's all waiting for you, whether you're planning a short trip or an extensive trip abroad. With Autonapůl, you can concentrate fully on exploring new places and let us take care of all the details of your rented car. Bon voyage!


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