Autonapůl helps

In this difficult situation, we would also like to offer cooperation in helping projects or organizations that the car might be useful for. At the Secondary Technical School of Chemistry, Brno produce disinfection from alcohol from the state. Shared cars from Autonapůl fleet help with its transport. We are honored 👍!

Responsibly with Autonapůl against coronavirus

We’re here for you! We are monitoring the coronavirus spreading situation with you and looking for the optimal solution for our servises. On a necessary journey, driving by car is now safer from the perspective of the possible spread of the disease than, for example, public transport. We believe that we will manage the situation together and on the contrary we will learn to cooperate more, to be responsible and considerate towards ourselves and our surroundings💚.

Autonapůl and coronavirus

We observe closely the situation around coronavirus and take appropriate measures.
All cars are continuously cleaned. However, no cleaning can be perfect and it is out of our possibilities to clean every car after every use. Thus, we recommend you to follow guidance of the Ministry of the Healthcare regarding personal hygiene. Soon we are to distribute disinfection tissues to Autonapůl cars to help you.

Year 2019 for Autonapůl

The year 2019 is over and now it is time for a short evaluation. It was a great year for Autonapůl. We have been growing and expanding our carsharing services, currently Autonapůl operates in 9 major cities in the Czech Republic. The fleet of shared cars in the course of 2019 consisted of 70-80 vehicles with which Autonapůl users travelled more than 1.3 million kilometers not only in the Czech Republic, but throughout Europe!

New app to use Autonapůl from your phone

Autonapůl offers its carsharers the so-called “car in your mobile”. To make it even easier, we have a new app for you!
If you were using the old version, unpin it from the desktop and pin it again.
What makes the new one better than the old one?


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