More peace of mind for safer journeys - that's Autonapůl's Jistota plus insurance

Carsharing pripojisteni Jistota plus
More peaceful journeys

When it comes to accidents, we usually think "maybe it was just the metal". But even those are expensive on modern cars. The headlight alone on an Octavia costs 80 grand. With car-sharing services, drivers are just as liable for damages as if they were driving their own car. With Autonapůl's Jistota Plus insurance service, you get more peace of mind and protection. If you cause damage to your vehicle, your additional costs won't rise as significantly. If the other party causes the damage, of course, everything is covered by their compulsory insurance and you pay nothing.

Damage calculation example

Whether you're pulling out of a car park and hit a metal plate or have a serious accident, the additional insurance will make sure you don't pay more than CZK 3,000 for the damage.

Jistota plusStandard
Damage caused in an accident80 000 CZK80 000 CZK
Participation3 000 CZK26 000 CZK
Calculation for Standard insurance: (80 000 - 8 000) x 0.25 + 8 000 = 26 000
8 000 CZK = full participation up to the amount of the damage caused, see. Price list
25 % = participation on the amount above the full participation

Read on to find out five reasons why you should consider additional insurance and how much more financial security you can expect in the event of an accident.

Reduce your financial risks in the event of an accident

If your vehicle is damaged while you're driving, you'll avoid the high cost of repairs or compensation. The Insurance Plus cover protects you and takes over most of the financial liability.

Your participation will not exceed 3 000 CZK

Every insurance policy carries a higher or lower participation - it makes sense, because with a deductible comes a sense of responsibility. However, Autonapůl's Jistota plus insurance will ensure that your costs associated with dealing with the consequences of damage to your vehicle will be limited to a maximum of CZK 3,000. In other words, if you cause damage to an Autonapůl vehicle, you won't have to pull more than three grand out of your own pocket. Unless, of course, there is a violation of the GTC, e.g. drunk driving.

Rely on us day or night

At Autonapůl, we consider 24/7 telephone support to be standard. In case of problems or emergencies, you can contact our help line and we will help you. We will advise you on how to resolve the situation or arrange communication with the assistance service.

Jistota podpory na telefonu

An accident? You've got a whole fleet in reserve.

One of the concerns in the event of an accident or damage to a vehicle is the loss of the vehicle for the duration of the repair or purchase of a new car. You can avoid this with Autonapůl - our fleet consists of dozens of vehicles, from which you can always reach for another vehicle for your travels.

Security on the road

With Jistota Plus, you feel at ease and don't have to worry about any additional costs in the event of damage to your vehicle. Knowing that you have quality and fast assistance when you need it allows you to truly enjoy the benefits of carsharing without worry.

Carsharing Autonapul - Jistota plus

Price of additional insurance Jistota plus

The Jistota plus insurance will cost you CZK 299 per calendar month. The price does not change according to the number of journeys or the number of kilometres driven. The great advantage is that this fee is only charged in the month you use the shared cars.

If you don't go, you don't pay.

Jistota plusStandard
Price (CZK per month)299 CZKfree
Maximum participation3 000 CZK40 000 CZK
Full participation up to the amount of the damage caused,3 000 CZK8 000 CZK
Participation on the amount above the full participation0 %25 %
The "Jistota Plus" insurance is valid from the date of approval of your application. The price for the supplementary insurance is always the price per accounting period, regardless of the start date of the supplementary insurance.

How to activate Jistota plus insurance

You can choose to activate the Jistota plus insurance during registration. However, you can activate it at any time later. Just send an e-mail to or call our help line.

You can also activate the insurance temporarily, e.g. for a longer holiday. The same conditions apply to your travel within the Czech Republic and abroad within the EU.


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