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A technological experience, exceptional acceleration, lightning-fast supercharger charging, a fart bag on the passenger seat or gaming while charging. Tesla is all that and more. One Model 3 now becomes a full-fledged part of the Autonapul fleet! So this is not a partnership like it was with the black and older Model S, which was available to our users for some time.

This time, you can look forward to the same full-fledged self-service carsharing experience using the app (Android / iOS) without the initial training you are used to. If you still don't feel like getting behind the wheel yourself for the first time, you can contact our helpline to arrange individual training on the new Model 3.

Tesla Olaf has a fixed parking place

49.2258825N, 16.5769744E

We have agreed with the Brno Technology Park on a pilot cooperation project. This provides a permanent place with a charger for a shared Tesla 3. Olaf has a dedicated space in the Technology Park, near the List building on Technická street.

Olaf is standing behind a barrier, which is automatically controlled. If there's a problem getting back out, just ring the attendant and say the magic password "Autonapůl".

So, like Zoe Jenny at Impact Hub, you can count on Olaf for his exact location, a dedicated space and the ability to recharge on your way.

Be careful Tesla does not support the chip card and pick-up and return of it is only possible through our application.

Price of shared Tesla Olaf

We are sure you're excited now, but you're also asking - how much will this fun cost me? It is an electric car, but due to its high purchase price, Tesla has its own category in the Price list called Tesla. Charging is included in the price of reservation, as is fuel for other cars in the Autonapul fleet.

Travel distance (km)Reservation (hour)Max CZK/dayMax CZK from 4th day
1-200 km
CZK 6,99
more than 200 km
CZK 5,99
CZK 249CZK 2490CZK 1290
Price list Tesla Model 3 Olaf incl. VAT. Charging included.

Invoicing will be as usual, you pay for rides in the past month.


The insurance terms are the same as for all other cars: you pay nothing for an unintentional accident - all costs are charged to the at-fault driver's insurance company. Always remember to call the police if you are involved in an accident that was not your fault. (Call the police even if the other party claims that it is not necessary, there is damage to the property of a third party and then it is always necessary to call the police, the police will also confirm the culprit and dealing with the insurance company is then easy, without calling the police we cannot verify that you did not cause the accident).


If you are at fault for the accident, the rule is 25% of the damage over CZK 8,000, up to a maximum of CZK 40,000. The calculated deductible will be added to your next invoice.

Some examples:

If you cause damage of CZK 3,000, your deductible is CZK 3,000.

If the damage is CZK 10,000, your deductible is CZK 8,500. If the damage is CZK 100,000, your deductible is CZK 31,000.

If the damage is CZK 200,000, your deductible is CZK 40,000.

Extra insurance Jistota Plus

The Jistota Plus insurance can be arranged at a price of CZK 299 per month and is valid for the entire fleet of Autonapul cars. If you cause any damage (including total damage) to an Autonapul car, the maximum deductible is always only CZK 3,000. You only pay the Insurance Plus in the months you use Autonapul services and it is included in your bill if activated. If you do not drive, you do not pay the additional insurance.

Some information about the shared Tesla Model 3


Our new Tesla is a Model 3 with the Standard Range Plus designation. This version has a battery with a usable capacity of 50 kWh (a realistic range of between 290 and 350 kilometres), a maximum output of 258 kW and a maximum torque of 510 Nm. Thanks to these parameters, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

In addition to stunning power, the Model 3 has a wealth of equipment: heated seats, internet connectivity, adaptive cruise control, Bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel, LED headlights, reversing cameras and advanced driving assists including Autopilot.


Attention! Although Tesla calls the feature Autopilot, this does not mean that the car is capable of fully autonomous driving. It is necessary to keep your hands on the wheel at all times. The car can drive itself in some situations, but it can't handle complex intersections, such as when you need to turn left across a tram lane. Even with Autopilot on, you are always fully responsible one, not the car.

Range and recharging

The Tesla can safely travel around 290 kilometres on a single charge in poor conditions (cold, highway conditions). In ideal conditions, the range may increase slightly (to about 350 kilometres). The Tesla is one of the best-performing electric cars in terms of navigation and can plan your journey with the most efficient charging stops. The range and charging information on the car's central display is always very accurate and you can drive accordingly.

Shared Tesla

All charging is for free for Autonapůl users - included in the price of reservation. The CCS card for charging at fast charging stations (Olaf can also charge Tesla Superchargers) is of course part of the standard equipment of Olaf.

For example, fDrive offers a map of charging stations. Free charging tips are provided by an app created by EV drivers themselves using Mapotic. The authors are Bára Drbohlavová and David Vávra.

Approximate charging times are as follows:

AC charging time - approx. 6 hours

DC charging time - approx. 1 hour and 10 minutes

Supercharger can recharge a Tesla significantly faster, around 35 to 45 minutes.

A little more about Tesla

Tesla Inc. is an American automaker and energy company based in Palo Alto, California, in the Silicon Valley. Its CEO is the visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk. In addition to his enthusiasm for electromobility, he is also known for his space flights or the installation of Starlink space satellites through his space company SpaceX.

Tesla supercharger

Tesla is just one of his many incredible projects. It began production of its first Tesla Roadster electric car in 2008. It currently offers a luxury Model S sedan, a Model X electric SUV and a more affordable Model 3.

Tesla also came up with its own charging solution and in 2012 introduced the first "superchargers". These are fast DC chargers that will now offer charging power of up to 150 kW in Europe as well.

In the Czech Republic, you can find them mainly near larger cities - in Brno, Humpolec, Olomouc and Vestec near Prague. However, their number is not final and at the moment other superchargers are already being prepared in Prague, České Budějovice and Pilsen.

Tesla app for longer bookings

Want to experience Tesla with everything? You can also access the Tesla app, which has lots of goodies. The app allows you to monitor your charging level, unlock and lock your car (you'll still need a Tesla card to start it), or preheat your car in the winter and cool it down in the summer.

And what do you need to do to access the app?

  1. Simply book your Tesla for at least 24 hours and text the Autonapůl helpline at least 24 hours before your booking to say you're interested in accessing the Tesla app.
  2. Our operator will then send you an invitation once your booking has started to give you access to the Tesla app.
  3. To use the Tesla app, you will need to create your own account with Tesla.
  4. After accepting the invitation, you can now take full advantage of all the features of the Tesla app.
  5. For security reasons, your access to the Tesla app will be removed before the end of your reservation.

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