Carsharing Prague


Autonapůl also creates space for people in Prague. One shared car replaces up to ten private cars. In Prague we offer Škoda Citigo, Škoda Fabia combi, Škoda Rapid, Škoda Octavia combi, Kia Ceed combi and Ford Transit (see your shared cars section). If you are interested in the comparison of carsharing and ordinary rental, please read the article on our blog.

Autonapůl customers from Prague can also use cars in other cities where Autonapůl operates. You only register once and then all the cars from 9 major cities where Autonapůl has cars are available in your mobile.

After the end of your reservation, the cars are parked in the designated parking area shown on the map below.

Our goal is to offer an easy, clever and responsible mobility service.


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Prague extras


Shared cars can park in Prague based on the system approaved by the Prague city administration. More information below. Detailed info to residential parking is available at special page: Residential parking or at

Ford Transit

We have got a nine seated Ford Transit to use for transport of more persons or for moving big stuff. It is equipped with tow bar also. It is enough to have same driving licence as for usual car. You can park this car in anyl Autonapůl designated parking areas.

Roof racks rental

It is possible to borrow roof racks for some cars in Prague for free. Contact: Address to pick up: bikesharing workshop of Rekola, Na Košince 5, Libeň. Operation time: 9:00-16:00 (working days). It is necessary to arrange a reservation in advance.

For renting roof racks, bicycle carriers, roof boxes or trailer we recommend you Duch renting company. Rental equipment is for a fee, and after entering the password: "Autonapůl" you get a 10% discount on the daily rental rate. By prior arrangement it is possible to mount the equipment directly on the reserved car.

Extra equipment

Selected cars in Prague are equipped with Family equipment. They have child seats for older children the weight of 15-36 kg.

All cars Škoda in the Comfort category, Ford Transit Snyder, Škoda Fabia Abbie and Citigo Stu have an Environmental Sticker for Germany - Umweltplakette.

The Škoda Rapid Joe has an annual Austrian vignette.

The Škoda Octavia Audrey and Maude have an annual Slovakian vignette.

Some of cars has got a tow bar.

You can filter all this and other additional information in the reservation system.

Parking zones

Designated parking areas in Prague are usually situated near 1-2 metro stations, or close to other public transport lines, to be easily accessible.

We are prepared to check all the locations, make sure it works and update them if it is necessary. New cars are added to the locations or new designated parking areas are defined. In every car there is a map of actual designated parking area.


List of cars in Prague

·         Central – Škoda Citigo Terri (an automatic gear) + Škoda Fabia combi AlisonŠkoda Fabia combi Julius + Škoda Fabia combi LuigiŠkoda Rapid Joe (an automatic gear) + Škoda Octavia combi Audrey

·         Pankrác – Škoda Citigo Spud Fabia combi Kearney Kia Ceed combi Largo Škoda Octavia combi Maude

·         Smíchov – Škoda Fabia combi Smithers + Kia Ceed combi Agnes

·         Dejvice – Škoda Citigo Annika (with labels) + Škoda Fabia Doris Škoda Octavia combi Nick

·         Holešovice – Škoda Citigo Rod (an automatic gear) + Škoda Fabia combi Eddie + Škoda Octavia combi Brockman

·         Libeň – Škoda Citigo Stu (an automatic gear) + Škoda Fabia combi Duffman

·         Kobylisy – Škoda Fabia combi Abbie + Kia Ceed combi Lenny

·         Transit Snyder –  free parking area in any designated parking area of Autonapul



Parking permits

Parking permits in Prague are explained on a separate page

Your cars

Budget Economy Comfort Grand Trailer Electro AkceElektro
Škoda Citigo 5x
Kia Ceed 3x
Renault Megane 1x
Škoda Fabia 9x
Škoda Octavia 5x
Škoda Rapid 1x
Ford Transit 1x

Skoda Citigo


Manual or automatic transmission, various colours, always air conditioning, USB radio, 2x ISOFIX, comfortable parking in the cities, most of the cars without car stickers, though some with Autonapůl stickers (Todd, Annika, Mary)


Are you looking for a car small from outside, but surprisingly spacious inside? Very able in the city, swift enough and with very low consumption. This is Citigo! We offer cars with manual or automatic/robotic transmission, always five doors, in various colour and in higher comfort sets Ambition and Style, always including air conditioning and USB radio.


  • 4 seats
  • Engine 1.0 MPI 44kW, petrol
  • Transmission: five-gear manual / automatic-robotic
  • Trunk volume: 251 litres
  • Colour: white/red/pea green

Car equipment

Air conditioning, USB and AUX radio, front power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on back seats, manual or automatic/robotic transmission.


Skoda Fabia Combi


Big and practical trunk, powerful engine, always air conditioning, USB radio and rear parking sensors, never with car stickers.


Fabia Combi. Well known super practical combination of small economical car with large trunk. We run its current third generation. Will serve well a young family including a pram and a lot of luggage, or shorter business trips, as well. With TSI engines very economical, although swift on highways and country roads alike. Equipment includes USB radio, speed limit setting, rear parking sensors and of course air conditioning and pre-collision system for your safety.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.2 TSI 66kW or 1.0 TSI 70kW, petrol
  • Transmission: manual five-gear
  • Trunk volume: 530 litres
  • Colour: red/white


Air conditioning, USB and AUX radio (touch screen in most cars), speed limit setting, rear parking sensors, front power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on rear seats. In some cars bluetooth handsfree and cruise control, too (Note: new in 2019).


Skoda Octavia Combi


Giant trunk and space for passengers, swift engine, always air condition, cruise control, bluetooth handsfree, touch screen USB radio, rear parking sensors. Some cars have trailer hook. Never with car stickers.


Octavia Combi is the classics of the Czech roads. Should you need a repre car for a business trip or a big car to transfer your demanding family? Octavia Combi will serve all situations. There is everything you need in the equipment: touch screen USB radio, cruise control, bluetooth handsfree and rear parking sensors, and air conditioning, of course. Plus a lot of space for passengers and luggage. You can rely on its engine, too. Though small in volume, very swift, easily up to 200 km/h on German highways, and surprisingly economical, at the same time.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.0 TSI 85kW, petrol
  • Transmission: six gear manual
  • Colour: red


Air conditioning, touchscreen USB radio, cruise control, bluetooth handsfree, front and rear power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on rear seats, rear parking sensors. Some cars have trailer hook, too.


Skoda Rapid Spaceback / Liftback Automat


Seven-gear DSG automatic transmission, large space for passengers, powerful engine, always air condition and cruise control, bluetooth handsfree, touch screen USB radio with Android Auto/Apple Car Play, rear parking sensors. Spaceback is better when parking, Liftback has a longer trunk with slot for skis. Never with car stickers.


Skoda Rapid is a “small Octavia”. In Autonapul fleet with the highest equipment set featuring intuitive automatic DSG transmission with seven gears, cruise control, touch screen USB radio, Bluetooth and Android Auto/Apple Car Play. Swift with TSI engine, smooth drive ensured by DSG automatic transmission – both on highway and in the city. There is speed limit setting, rear parking sensors and of course air conditioning. These cars are equipped with pre-collision automatic braking system for your safety.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.0 TSI 70/81 kW, petrol
  • Trunk volume: 415/550 litres
  • Transmission: automatic 7 gears DSG
  • Colour: red


Air condition, automatic DSG transmission, touch screen USB radio with Android Auto/Apple Car Play, cruise control, Bluetooth handsfree, front and rear power windows and rearview mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on rear seats, rear parking sensors. Liftback has a slot for skis or other longer items.


Kia Ceed Combi


Most controls on the steering wheel, cruise control, USB radio, rear parking sensors. Some cars have trailer hook. Decent 1.6 GDI engine. Never with car stickers.


Korean KIA has gone up a lot in the last years. Their cars are of high quality, well comparable with top competitors. This applies for its Cee´d model, designed for European market. Comfortable equipment including cruise control, speed limit setting, USB radio and most of the controls on the steering wheel will satisfy even demanding driver. Decent engine with 1.6 volume is silent and economical, though with its 99kW can be quite swift, when needed. Most of the Ceeds have trailer hook.


  • Five seats
  • Engine: 1.6 GDI 99kW, petrol
  • Trunk volume: 528 litres
  • Transmission: six gear manual
  • Colour: red / white


Air condition, USB radio, cruise control, front and rear power windows and rear view mirrors, 2x ISOFIX on rear seats, rear parking sensors, in some cars bluetooth and handsfree, LED day lights and trailer hook.


Ford Transit Custom

9 seats, a lot of space for passengers and luggage, cruise control, rear and front parking sensors, trailer hook, heating and air condition for front and rear part of the vehicle.


Looking for something really big? Need to transfer very big family, party of friends or your team? Then you need Transit Custom. Enough space to accommodate nine people, with heating and air condition for all the passengers. If you still need extra space, hang a trailer on the hook. Decent two-litre diesel engine with AdBlue and particle filter meets the most strict EURO6 standard for exhaust emissions. Never with car stickers.


  • Nine seats
  • Engine: 2.0 Ecoblue 77kW, diesel with AdBlue
  • Trunk volume: 1300-2000 litres
  • Transmission: six gear manual
  • Colour: red


Air condition and heating for all passengers, USB radio, cruise control and speed limit setting, front and rear parking sensors, trailer hook.

Cars Categories

City cars


Škoda Citigo (automatic)

Middle cars


Kia Ceed kombi,
Škoda Fabia kombi

Family cars


Škoda Rapid,
Škoda Octavia kombi,



Ford Transit Custom

Reliable cars

We buy only new or presentation cars.
The average vehicle age in our fleet is under 3 years.
We regularly maintain and clean all cars.
Czech highway sticker included. Ready for traveling abroad.