Carsharing Prague

Prague specials


Shared cars can park in Prague based on the system approaved by the Prague city administration. More information below. Detailed info to residential parking is available at special page: Residential parking or at

Roof racks rental

It is possible to borrow roof racks for some cars in Prague for free. Contact: Address to pick up: Tusarova 56, Holešovice Operation time: 9:00-17:00 (working days). It is necessary to arrange a reservation in advance.

Ford Transit

We have got a nine seated Ford Transit to use for transport of more persons or for moving big stuff. It is equipped with tow bar also. It is enough to have same driving licence as for usual car. You can park this car in anyl Autonapůl designated parking areas.

Parking zones

Designated parking areas in Prague are usually situated near 1-2 metro stations, or close to other public transport lines, to be easily accessible.

We are prepared to check all the locations, make sure it works and update them if it is necessary. New cars are added to the locations or new designated parking areas are defined.

In every car there is a map of actual designated parking area.


List of cars in Prague

·         Old Town (Prague 1) – Škoda Citigo Nelson + Kia Ceed combi Clancy

·         Vinohrady (Prague 2) – Škoda Citigo Terri (an automatic gear) + Kia Ceed combi Zelda

·        Žižkov (Prague 3) – Škoda Fabia combi Alison +Škoda Rapid Joe (an automatic gear)

·         Pankrác (Prague 4) – Fabia combi Kearney Kia Ceed combi Largo

·         Smíchov (Prague 5) – Škoda Fabia combi Smithers + Kia Ceed combi Agnes

·         Dejvice (Prague 6) – Škoda Citigo Annika (with labels) + Škoda Fabia Doris Škoda Octavia combi Nick

·         Holešovice (Prague 7) – Škoda Citigo Rod (an automatic gear) + Škoda Fabia combi Eddie + Škoda Octavia combi Brockman

·         Libeň (Prague 8) – Škoda Citigo Stu (an automatic gear) + Škoda Fabia combi Duffman

·         Kobylisy (Prague 8) – Škoda Fabia combi Abbie + Kia Ceed combi Lenny

·         Strašnice (Prague 10) – Škoda Fabia combi Julius

·         Vršovice (Prague 10) – Škoda Fabia combi Luigi + Kia Ceed combi Murphy

·         Transit Snyder –  free parking area in any designated parking area of Autonapul


Parking permits

Parking permits in Prague are explained on a separate page

Your cars

Budget Economy Komfort Grand Trailer Elektro
Škoda Citigo 5x
Škoda Fabia 9x
Škoda Rapid 2x
Kia Ceed 6x
Škoda Octavia 2x
Ford Transit 1x