What was 2018 like for Autonapůl?

Autonapůl has been around for yet another year. What did it feel like? What went alright and what went wrong? We want to review it here on our blog with you. Let’s start.

We made a record in mileage in 2018. The year before, we narrowly missed the benchmark of one million kilometres, while last year we hit this goal already in October! This is a clear clue for us that you like carsharing and that there are more of you prefering sharing to owning your (first or second) car.

We did experiment a bit with the size and composition of our fleet. And of course – you can drive an electric vehicle now! Since last year carsharers in Brno can choose to go with all electric Renault Zoe. It is permanently located at Impact Hub, always plugged to a charger and ready to go. Unfortunatelly, it was vandalized twice already 🙁

The network of cities served by Autonapůl grew, too. Now we are in Zlín where you can use Skoda Fabia Combi. In other cities we added new vehicles and replaced the older ones.

Good news is increase in the operating finances (EBITDA). Preliminary numbers show increase year to year of almost 100% to 2,7 mil CZK (27% of revenue). Profit is still to be made, however. Now we can see that the trend is set to achieve it already in 2019. The overall performance in money terms is a bit downgraded by newly acquired workshop for cleaning of car interiors. However, this branch of our business is on good track to be profitable this year, too.

Many our vehicles did long trips abroad. As shown in the map below, our carsharers visited as far as Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Romania and also Albania, Bosna and Hercegovina or other countries. The longest trips were to France in the west and Ukraine in the east. Don’t get suspicious: the map is made up only from generic data of mobile operators, where the cars registered in their networks. We do not track you during your trips.

A new scheme of residential parking was launched in September 2018 in Brno city. Some members of public had their emotions high on that. At the same time, residential parking scheme in Prague went into full scale. We worked hard to integrate basic data about our fleet into the Prague system. Our carsarers can now park in the residential zones (so called blue zones) in both major cities. And in Brno entry to the streets close to the very city centre as a bonus.

In autumn we took part on European Moblity Week. This European project run across many Czech cities. On our tour we visited Prague, Brno, Třebíč, Olomouc, České Budějovice, Havlíčkův Brod, Jihlava and Liberec. We promoted the idea of carsharing, discussed with local people and promoted Autonapůl, of course.

On Facebook we discussed many issues regarding the functioning of Autonapůl with you in small surveys. For example we learned that you favour automatic transmissions more and more. We offered them in Skoda Rapids for you to test and now we know what to buy next for you 🙂

The year 2018 was full of learning for us, inspirational on many occassions, sometimes stressful and with funny moments, of course. We believe that the comming year will be as good as that. We wish successful year to all of you, our carsharers.

Your Autonapůl team.


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