Autonapůl and coronavirus

Autonapůl and coronavirus

We observe closely the situation around coronavirus and take appropriate measures.

All cars are continuously cleaned. However, no cleaning can be perfect and it is out of our possibilities to clean every car after every use. Thus, we recommend you to follow guidance of the Ministry of the Healthcare regarding personal hygiene. Soon we are to distribute disinfection tissues to Autonapůl cars to help you.

As a user consider using your own disinfectants, gloves etc. Given the way the virus spreads we also recommend not to put your booking straight after the previous user and when picking up the car thoroughly ventilate the inside of the car by opening doors and windows, not by using internal ventilation of the car.

Should the situation escalate even more, we will consider disinfecting the cars with ozone.

And we appeal: if you are in home quarantine or feel symptoms of respiratory disease, please do not use shared cars. And if you happened to use Autonapůl cars before knowing you might be infectious, please let us know as soon as possible, so that we can block out the car and get it cleaned immediately.

Should there be the need, we are prepared to fulfil possible requests from the authorities for rapid tracking of users. However, as by now, we are not aware of any such case.

If you have a Záchranka, Life-Saving Mobile App on your phone, a new feature is added automatically. The Ministry of Health will be able to send you notifications via the application for important information related to the spread of coronavirus.

Among the security measures of the Government of the Czech Republic concerning the fight against the spread of the corona virus, it has been decided that paid parking zones are completely abolished until further notice (min. till 24.3.). This measure applies to all towns and municipalities.

Shared taxi servises are prohibited – services that have their drivers. Carsharing Autonapůl is not affected by this regulation.

We are with you and wish you good health to you and your loved ones.