Ford Transit Custom

9 seats, a lot of space for passengers and luggage, cruise control, rear and front parking sensors, trailer hook, heating and air condition for front and rear part of the vehicle.


Looking for something really big? Need to transfer very big family, party of friends or your team? Then you need Transit Custom. Enough space to accommodate nine people, with heating and air condition for all the passengers. If you still need extra space, hang a trailer on the hook. Decent two-litre diesel engine with AdBlue and particle filter meets the most strict EURO6 standard for exhaust emissions. Never with car stickers.


  • Nine seats
  • Engine: 2.0 Ecoblue 77kW, diesel with AdBlue
  • Trunk volume: 1300 litres (in case of 9 seats)
  • Transmission: six gear manual
  • Colour: red


Air condition and heating for all passengers, USB radio, cruise control and speed limit setting, front and rear parking sensors, trailer hook.


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