Electric CitigoE iV Akira in Brno

A newcomer among electric cars in the Brno fleet Autonapůl is Akira, a small CitigoE iV. In a bright green colour with a cheerful stickers, it offers an agile ride and a real electric range of about 150-240 km – the most economical is a city ride. 

Škoda CitigoE iV Autonapůl
CitigoE iV Akira Autonapů

Compared to combustion Citigoes, among other things, Akira is characterized by the drive and the smooth automatic gearbox and better equipment with e.g. cruise control or heated seats (effective in winter). 

To prevent limited range with not-full battery, we have negotiated cooperation with Teplárny Brno (Brno city heating plants) and Akira has a transfer zone at the Teplárny charger on Cimburkova str. (close to NC Královo Pole) – similar to Zoe Jenny at Impact Hub. In order not to unnecessarily block the charger for other electric cars, we will use a slow AC charging for charging using a cable from the car. 

We have prepared a simple video tutorial for you.

We will be happy if you try Akira and write to us your real experience.


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