Parking zone changes in Prague from January 6, 2020

Parking zones in Prague

From January 6, 2020, we have made changes in the layout of parking zones in Prague. What is new is the zone called “Central”. It will cover the terminating zones Staré Město, Vinohrady, Vršovice, Žižkov and Karlín (as part of the current Libeň zone).

Newly, any car from the “Central” zone could be parked anywhere within this large zone, giving you more freedom in the types of cars. There will be available cars as Citigo, several Fabias combi, Octavia combi and Rapid with automatic gear. On the one hand, it may mean a longer journey for the car at the beginning of the journey, but on the other hand at the end you will be able to park it near your destination, such as your home or work place. 

The functioning of the Dejvice, Holešovice, Smíchov, Pankrác and Kobylisy zones does not change. In Dejvice and Holešovice there was a slight expansion of zones according to our carsharers suggestions.

Based on our carsharers comments, Libeň zone will cover Palmovka and will be tentatively expanded, including the area of ​​newly introduced blue zones towards Vysočany, which also comes into force on January 6, 2020.

The only zone that remains uncovered is Strašnice. We expect the coverage of Strašnice to return after the introduction of blue zones in Prague 10.

Modifying the zones, of course, is not the end of the work. In the course of 2020, a number of new cars will be added to the Autonapůl fleet, among them complete innovations. We will soon introduce a new app for more convenient car booking on your smartphone. For information about specialities, visit the city site or Be sure to follow our social networks and the Autonapůl blog.