During the pandemic, Autonapůl also helped others

The world seemed to have stopped, most people stayed at home, but it wasn't. At Autonapůl, during the crisis, we not only thought about the running of the company, but also helped others. First we had to overcome fears of an unknown situation. Our own, and also our customers from the use of carsharing, a shared service.


We kept you informed about how we clean shared cars. In addition, we started using ozone and the distribution of disinfectant wipes. We obtained disinfection for car cleaning thanks to cooperation with employees of the Secondary Vocational School of Chemistry in Brno, where it was produced in large quantities. More than 10,000 L of alcohol was processed, which is almost 12,000 L of hand sanitizer. The shared Autonapůl vehicles also helped with the distribution of disinfection.

Autonapůl - pomoci druhým

Help for hospices

We also decided to help the vulnerable group directly. As part of the cooperation with the Forum of Mobile Hospices, we lent three cars from the Autonapůl fleet for mobile hospice care facilities in Prague, Brno and Olomouc for a symbolic one crown. We have thus supported a service that we consider to be very important, albeit partially neglected. We believe that we will be able to continue the established cooperation in the future.

Autonapůl employees also volunteered to distribute information leaflets or deliver lunches to seniors.

Autonapůl - pomoci druhým

Special Offers

We tried to meet the needs of Autonapůl customers with discounted offers of weekly and longer rentals. We wanted to give them the opportunity to have a car with them and feel safer. We also prepared an offer that favors customers with IČO number in order to support them in a difficult situation that affected a number of small businesses. The crisis can also bring new challenges and opportunities. Even though Autonapůl was in a difficult situation, we wanted to support all those who helped, cared for their loved ones or put their business or job back on their feet. In our opinion, mutual assistance and solidarity is the way to deal with this situation.

We continue

Autonapůl overcame the crisis caused by the pandemic. We can say again that we are contributing to reducing the number of cars on the streets of Czech cities. One shared car will replace up to ten privately owned cars. One of these currently strengthened the Autonapůl fleet in Liberec.


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